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2Cool Server Training is a division of Boom Interactive Learning.  Boom is comprised of New Media professionals that bring the latest trends to e-learning. 2Cool online school is a small business located in Tampa, FL. However, we are dedicated and proud to be an approved provider in the state of Texas! We truly show the excellence that comes with quality over quantity by designing the most modern TABC certification course with the latest technology. We are focused on your success so that you are guaranteed to learn with no complications and no hassles. Our customer service representatives are here to help you five days a week during regular business hours. But you can find our CEO responding to support questions late into the night and even on the weekends.  This is the level of commitment that we have to making sure our students are not only happy with us, but also happy knowing that they will become certified in the fastest and easiest way possible. We love what we do here at 2Cool and it shows in everything we do. We deliver what you expect and more!

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Be a part of the 2Cool Fam!

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Our course is designed to simplify seller-server concepts so that you are guaranteed to get your TABC certification.

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Quality Support

We do not outsource our customer support. The people you speak with over the phone are the same people that created the course.

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Fun & Enjoyable

We want you to enjoy learning the material, so we have included videos and fun designs to SHAKE IT UP!

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Instant Certificates

As soon as you successfully complete the course, you can download your certificate and you are set.


About Our Courses

At 2Cool, we believe in making learning fun and engaging. Before we entered the online education market, we performed extensive research on our competitors to see what they had to offer. We decided to branch out and take a different approach to eLearning by designing our courses with modern designs using the latest technologies, rather than giving our students page after page of text to read. Our efforts to create an engaging and enticing online learning atmosphere has forced our competitors to step it up. However, 2Cool is one of the first to pioneer the gates to interactive online learning. This means that we know how our students learn best! We have used our skills and talents to develop an exceptional digital education experience for our students. We include fun videos and interactive activities to keep you focused and lively throughout our courses.

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